Picking the perfect fireplace for your home

March 8, 2018

Pictured Above: Regency GF900L

What do you picture when you think of winter? Whether it’s sitting around a fireplace enjoying hot chocolate, snuggling fireside under a blanket while watching TV, or fighting for the best spot to toast your backside, most likely, your vision includes a fire. Only problem is, you’re missing the fire! With so many products on the market it can be difficult to find the perfect fire for your home. Have no fear; we’ve listed all the options below to help you find the perfect fire.


Wood, Gas, Electric oh my!

The first decision you need to make is how to fuel your fire. Should you choose wood, gas or electricity? There are some basic benefits of each fuel that can help you make a decision quickly:

Wood Fires

Pictured Above: Regency Alterra

Who doesn’t love a real wood burning fireplace! They are fairly easy to maintain (check out our blog from last month on Fireplace maintenance) and if you have the right type of wood, highly efficient. Wood burning fireplaces are a very cost effective way to heat your home, but before you set your heart on wood, take some time to understand how a wood heater works to ensure you choose the right unit for your space and lifestyle. There are two types of wood heaters available in Australia: radiant and convection. The video below produced by The Australian Home Heating Association provides a detailed look at how to select the most suitable wood heater for your home, check it out!


If the extra effort that comes with owning a wood fire sounds a bit too much, maybe a more suitable option would be a gas fireplace.


Gas Fires

Pictured Above: Regency GFi350L

With sleek new designs and realistic log sets, gas fireplaces have come a long way in the past few years. Unlike purely decorative gas fireplaces of the past, many of today’s gas fires are capable of high heat output. In fact, some units are SO powerful they come with optional ducting kits to heat additional rooms. Gas fireplaces are pretty easy to operate – most of the time you can simply flick a switch! The only real maintenance required is a visit from a technician once a year. If ease of operation and instant heat are important to you, gas is probably your best option.


Electric Fires

Pictured Above: Gazco Riva2 670

Electric fires create beautiful ambience. If you’re running another heating source and want a fireplace that can be turned on and off with a flick of a switch, an electric fire may be right for you.

Next deciding on placement…

Where you want to install your fireplace has a big impact on the type of fire you can choose. These are the three main options:

- Freestanding

A freestanding unit is just that, freestanding. These units have a range of different options for placement, so you can put them almost anywhere you want. If you want quick and low cost installation, a freestanding unit is hard to beat. Bonus: finding a unit that suits your personal style is easy thanks to so many different customisation options.

- Inserted into an existing masonry chimney

Already have an empty chimney space? Install an inbuilt fireplace into your existing masonry chimney to instantly cut cold draft and update the look of your room. Refinish your existing hearth for extra impact.

- A new fireplace that is built into a wall

Are you building a new home or renovating? Shop for a new fireplace if you want to install a fireplace into a wall that doesn’t exist yet, or a wall you’re willing to renovate.  

Pictured Above: Regency Montrose

Finally, decide on style!

Now that you’ve decided how you want your fire to be fueled and where it will be installed, it’s time to choose a fire that suits the style of your home.

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