Freestanding Gas Heaters

With a Regency gas freestanding heater, you can create a warm gathering place that is clean and modern or timeless and traditional. Regency Gas freestanding heaters have the ambiance of a wood freestanding but offer you the convenience of gas.  No more chopping or running low on wood!  

Programmable Remote Controlled Gas Heaters

The Firegenie ® remote control allows you to program your settings up to 7 days a week.  It can be operated from another room, automatically modulating the temperature of your gas fire, increasing efficiency, and reducing running costs.  It also allows you to set and maintain a desired temperature, as well as adjust the flame height and speed.

These gas log fires feature the finest, most realistic flame picture available.  Enjoy the exceptional view through the wide glass door designed to showcase the glowing flames and embers.  Choose one of two flue options to ensure the right Regency for you.

You can also choose your fuel - all Regency gas freestanding heaters can be installed to burn either natural gas or propane

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