Top 5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Fireplace

April 14, 2021

1- The Fireplace for Everyone

Unlike traditional gas or wood fireplaces which require venting, electric fireplaces require zero venting. This means that they can be installed virtually anywhere. Electric fireplaces provide the same comfort, ambiance, and warmth of a traditional fireplace; however, they are ventless and do not require gas lines or wood storage.

Electric fireplaces meet an ever-increasing need in the industry. More and more people are being told that they cannot install gas fireplaces or wood burning fireplaces in their apartments, town homes, or homes. These restrictions are being placed on renovations, detached new builds, and town home developments by both local governments and owners’ corporations throughout Australia.

Since electric fireplaces do not require venting, they can be installed in these restricted homes. Apartment, town home, and unit homeowners rejoice! Electric fireplaces are a fantastic alternative to installing a traditional fireplace. Whether you are restricted by regulations, or just want to install something different, then an electric fireplace is for you!

2 – Go Green: Emission Free Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are the greenest fireplaces available today. They produce zero emissions and burn zero fuel. The only input is electricity; therefore, depending on how the electricity is produced, an electric fireplace can be 100% carbon neutral!

With an electric fireplace you can strategically heat the rooms where you spend the most time and the built-in fan helps effectively circulate warm air throughout the room. Gazco eReflex fireplaces are Eco-design Compliant and adhere to strict energy consumption regulations. Electricity is once again an effective and cost-efficient way to warm portions of your home.
Help to protect our environment by installing an environmentally friendly electric fireplace.

3 – Elegantly Styled Modern Electric Fireplaces

Modern living meets the convenience of electric with the new Gazco eReflex. These are premium built-in electric fireplaces elegantly designed to complement any modern décor.
The Gazco eReflex Electric Fireplace is a class above the rest. High-quality craftsmanship meets elegant styling for a clean, visually stunning modern electric fireplace.

Gazco’s built-in fireplace products contain 3-dimensional fire beds helping to create an unmatched layered and multi-flame effect that is truly unique. The eReflex line is available in single-side flush units, 2-sided corner unit, and 3-sided bay unit. Choose the style that best fits your home!

4 – Flexible Display Options

With over 39 different lighting combinations, the Gazco eReflex provides the flexibility to create ambience and set the mood anytime, day or night.

Gazco eReflex utilizes Chromalight technology to create an unmatched visual display with realistic dancing flames. Vivid 3-dimensional flame effects are projected to create a realistic glowing fire that can be set to natural amber or striking blue. Each flame colour is enhanced with matching downlighting, bathing the fuel bed in either warming amber or cool white for a truly immersive display. 

Chromalight up-lighting illuminates the fuel effects from below providing an authentic glowing ember bed with a selection of 13 different colours. The fuel bed lighting also has the option to transition through each vivid colour for a gradually changing spectrum that provides the ultimate wow factor!

5 – Design Flexibility

Electric fireplaces offer flexibility that is truly unmatched by any other fireplace. The ventless installation creates an opportunity for fireplaces to be installed in rooms and areas that would be impossible with traditional gas or wood fireplaces. 

Think about having an electric fireplace in the bathroom, bedroom, playroom, office, den, dining room, and of course the living room. Electric fireplaces can be installed in the middle of a room, on interior walls, exterior walls, half walls, you name it, and an electric fireplace can be built there!

The Gazco eReflex series is the perfect addition to any modern townhouse, unit or apartment. You can now experience the warmth and comfort of a fireplace regardless of building or design restrictions!

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