Experience Design Freedom with City Series Modern Gas Fireplaces

May 27, 2020

The City Series range of modern gas fireplaces offers unmatched design flexibility, quality, and modern styling. Regency's City Series can accommodate any finishing materials right to the edge of the fireplace (including wood and wallpaper) – giving you material and design flexibility with modern, clean lines.

These TV-friendly fireplaces can accommodate any TV or artwork at your desired height – no more need for mantels or height restrictions. Flexible flueing options allow for the fireplace to be installed in virtually any location in any room.

Designer Gas Fireplaces

The Regency City Series range of gas fireplaces are a designer's best friend. The material flexibility allowed by Regency's Cool Wall System combined with the dual-paned seamless glass provides a blank canvas for designers to create a stunning feature wall, tie a room together, or separate open living spaces without the need for a full wall. The following are a few of the designer-friendly features of the City Series range.

1. Unlimited Finishes - No Limits No Restrictions
Regency Cool Wall System is a patent-pending system that manages airflow and heat from the fireplace allowing for a "cool wall." Where a typical fireplace requires non-combustible materials such as stone or brick up to a certain distance (or clearance) from the fireplace. The Regency Cool Wall System allows for zero clearance to combustible materials meaning materials such as wood or wallpaper can be placed directly to the edge of the fireplace. Creating a clean, modern-looking design that designers and homeowners love.

  • Place a TV above the fireplace without it getting damaged
  • Hang artwork without fear of warping
  • Paint will not discolor, drywall will not crack
  • No internal fans required
  • Use any finish right to the edge of the fire, even wood or wallpaper

2. Frameless Fire - No Frames No Mesh No Silicone Our true frameless fire offers uninterrupted views of the flames and doesn't require any mesh dress guards. Our patent-pending glass safety barrier provides the heat protection of a dress guard without the need for mesh. Enjoy more of what matters, the flame, and less of the frame with Regency City Series.

  • An uninterrupted view of the flames
  • Seamlessly integrates into any interior
  • Invisible glass safety barrier (patent-pending)
  • No frames, mesh or silicone
  • Integrated liner panel options and black glass accessories
  • Available in single-sided, two-sided and three-sided designs

3. Controllable Warmth - Flexible Flueing Options
Regency's patent-pending cool wall system releases warmth at ceiling level. This system reduces excessive radiant heat in front of the fireplace so you can enjoy your fireplace more often and more evenly and discreetly distributes heat.

4. Integrated Accessories - Warm Realistic Firebed
Regency designers have worked tirelessly to create richly detailed media that surrounds and accentuates the flames as they effortlessly and naturally dance within the fireplace. The City Series comes with a variety of media options to help create the look you crave. Modern crystals & crushed glass, contemporary volcanic stones, or a traditional log set – the choice is yours! In addition to media, the interior panels can be customised, offering more or less reflectivity and completing the look and making it easy to suit any décor.

Glass Crystals & Driftwood Log Set

Glass Crystals & Volcanic Stones

Reflective black crystals

How City Series Compares:

With Regency, you get a high-quality product backed by the industry's best limited lifetime warranty. You also get more features standard than any other manufacturer and technology that is unmatched, including Regency Cool Wall System and Seamless floating glass safety barrier. Create the fireplace of your dreams with increased customisation, media options, unlimited finishing options, and flexible flueing with silent airflow management and no need for noisy fans.

Regency engineers have built the City Series range from the ground up to maximise beauty, quality, and value. With Regency, you get more of what matters – the flame views, quality materials, extra features, and warranty coverage.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – Quality you can count on, guaranteed
  • Quality Thick Gauge Steel – Built with state-of-the-art manufacturing
  • Seamless Floating Glass Safety Barrier Standard - No Mesh or Additional Charges
  • Top-Down Accent Lighting Standard - Enjoy Enhanced flame views with no Additional Charges
  • Increased Customisation - More Media Options to Choose From
  • Framing Kits Available - Faster, More Reliable Installations
  • No Internal Fans Required - Silent Flueing & Airflow Management

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