Electric Fireplace Buyer’s Guide

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Fire from Regency.

Why Choose an Electric Fireplace?

Electric fireplaces create the beauty, warmth and ambience of a traditional gas or wood fireplace, however, 100% electric. With more and more cities with apartments limiting the installation of vented wood and gas fireplace products, the ventless installation of electric fireplace products allows for the comfort, warmth, and ambience of a fireplace to be added in these restricted locations.

Regency Electric Fireplaces are not hot to the touch – making them extra safe!

Introducing the Gazco eReflex Series

The Gazco eReflex Electric fireplace is a modern, realistic electric fireplace made to blend seamlessly into modern, contemporary, and traditional décors. By utilising Chromalight LED technology Gazco is able to produce the most realistic flame effects in the industry. In addition to the Chromalight LED system, a threedimensional display box combined with uplighting and downlighting helps to create depth and realistic dancing flame effects.

Fully customisable with over 39 different colour combinations the Gazco eReflex can be set to suit any mood or ambience or can be set to cycle through for a light show unlike any you have ever seen before. Add the warmth and comfort of a fireplace to your home, and create memories that will last a lifetime with a new Gazco eReflex Electric Fireplace.

Effective Zone Heating

Electric fireplaces are very efficient zone heaters. Similar to baseboard heaters they allow homeowners to generate warmth in high-traffic rooms without needing heat the entire home with a furnace. Baseboard heaters are traditionally very inefficient as they lack the air circulation required to effectively heat a room and are often placed directly underneath windows, causing them to fight cold air, further reducing their effectiveness. 

Gazco eReflex electric fireplaces can be placed anywhere in the room and come with a built in blower to distribute heat effectively throughout the room.

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

  1. Install Virtually Anywhere
    Unlike traditional gas or wood fireplaces which require venting, electric fireplaces require zero venting. This means that they can be installed virtually anywhere. Electric fireplaces provide the same comfort, ambiance, and warmth of a traditional fireplace, however, they are ventless and don’t require gas lines or wood storage

  2. Emission Free
    Electric fireplaces are the greenest fireplaces available today. They produce zero emissions and burn zero fuel. The only input is electricity; therefore, depending on how your electricity is produced your electric fireplace can be 100% carbon neutral!

  3. Modern Styling
    The Gazco eReflex Electric Fireplace is a class above the rest. High-quality craftsmanship meets elegant styling for a clean, visually stunning modern electric fireplace.

  4. Flexible Display Options
    With over 39 different lighting combinations, the Gazco eReflex provides the flexibility to set the mood anytime, day or night.

  5. Realistic Flame Display
    The Gazco eReflex series offers some of the most realistic flame and log sets of any electric fireplace on the market. The 3-dimensional display box and Chromalight technology combine to create stunning, unmatched visuals.

Ready to Buy a Regency?

Are you ready to take the first step to adding unmatched warmth and comfort to your home? Here’s how to begin…

Start Planning
Before visiting your local fireplace dealer start thinking about how you would like it to look. Do you want it built into your wall? Our electric fireplaces come in several different sizes and styles. Do you want a protruding bay or corner electric fireplace? Start thinking about your tastes and bring this information into the dealer.

Take Pictures
Take some photos of where you would like to install your new electric fireplace. This will give the dealer a good idea of the size of the room, décor, and layout to help choose the best option for your home.

Visit Your Local Regency Dealer
Next you will want to find your local authorized Regency dealer! Use our fireplace store locator to find the dealer closest to you!