Wood Freestandings Buyer’s Guide

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Wood Freestanding Fireplace.

Why Choose A Wood Fire?

Freestanding wood fires can bring a timeless elegance and warmth to virtually any room; matching almost any style from contemporary-minimalist, to the warmth and comfort of rustic or traditional design. You don’t need a fireplace to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a wood fire.

Regency’s wood fires are designed to be beautiful while enduring rugged operating conditions and are backed by the industry’s most comprehensive, 15 year limited warranty. Regency manufactures a wide variety of wood burning freestanding fires with different types, sizes and finishes. This buyer’s guide will help you select the right wood fire for your needs.

Benefits of Freestanding Wood Fires

There are many benefits to owning a freestanding wood fire. First and foremost is ease of installation. This is primarily because an existing fireplace is not required to install a wood fire. This allows the wood fire to be versatile in its placement. Requiring only floor protection, the ability to have a chimney installed and in some cases a source of fresh air.

By choosing a wood burning fire over gas or oil, you are reducing your dependency on expensive fossil fuels to heat your home and instead are using a carbon-neutral renewable fuel source. Save money on heating by utilising zone heating in your home. Save money on fuel costs as wood typically costs less than gas or electric. Watch your fuel bills shrink and feel good about using a clean, renewable energy source. 

Environmentally Responsible Energy

Regency wood fires are tested and certified to the strictest emissions & efficiency standards as set by Australia’s Environmental Protection Agency. This means they release very little particulate matter into the atmosphere, less than 1.5 grams per hour and are at least 60% efficiency.

Regency engineers have meticulously designed the firebox to generate efficient airflow around the wood, allowing it to burn more completely resulting in minimal and very fine ash. When comparing models, check the data labels – a low emissions rating means a cleaner wood stove.

Choose Your Perfect Wood Fire

1. Consider The Room Size
One of the first considerations when choosing a wood fire is the size of the room you are looking to heat; this will determine the size of wood fire you require. 

2. What’s Your Style?
A wood fire is a permanent fixture in your home and needs to suit the décor. At Regency we offer a range of styles from classic to contemporary and modern – perfect for any home!

3. Get The Best View
Closely related to the design of a fire is the viewing area of the fire. Each Regency wood burning fire seeks to offer a large and unobstructed view of the fire.

4. Easy to Use
Regency wood fires are designed to be easily loaded and overall easier to maintain than other wood fire brands.

Types of Wood Fires

Non-Catalytic Freestanding: Secondary Burn

On a non-catalytic fire, the airflow in the firebox is directed in such a way that fuel is burned in 2 stages: once during the initial combustion, and again when unburnt gases are re-burned. This secondary burn creates greater efficiency, fewer emissions, as well as a spectacular fire to look at.

A secondary burn fire is unable to achieve the same burn times and efficiencies that the catalytic fires are able to, however, all Regency secondary burn fires are still highly efficient and meet strict Australian & New Zealand emission and 
efficiency  standards.

Catalytic Freestanding: 3-stage burn

In a catalytic fire an additional stage to burning is added; in stage 3 the remaining unburnt gases are fed through Regency’s custom-designed catalytic combustor chamber. Boosting temperatures to over an astonishing 538 degrees Celsuis, the system delivers a balance of higher efficiency, cleaner combustion and maximum heat control – with less wood, less loading and less effort.

Regency’s design of the catalytic combustor also evenly distributes the combustion evenly across the entire combustor increasing the lifespan of your catalytic combustor. With proper wood burning practices the catalytic combustor can last up to 7-10 years and is easy to replace.

Idea Gallery

See how our customers have transformed their homes with a wood inbuilt and a simple new fireplace finishing!

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Ready to Buy a Regency?

Are you ready to take the first step to adding unmatched warmth and comfort to your home? Here’s how to begin…

Start Planning
Before you start shopping, visualise where you want to put your wood fire. You don’t need to have all the answers, but sharing your final vision with your local fireplace dealer will help him/her find you a fire that will meet your goals. Depending on the size of your room and how important the wood fire is to serve as a heat source, you’ll want to consider total kW output, burn time etc. to find the perfect fit.

Visit Your Local Regency Dealer
Next you will want to find your local authorized Regency dealer! Use our fireplace store locator to find the dealer closest to you!

Pro Tip!
Take some photos of your room or the wall (if applicable) where you want to put your wood fire. Good lighting is important for your dealer to see all the details.