Top Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Fire This Winter

July 9, 2018
Is your fire working hard or hardly working? Put the cozy back into winter with these pro fire tips.

1. Check Your Fire For Damage

It’s good practice to look for damage before you start your fire because damage can compromise the efficiency and/or safety of your fire. Use this simple check list a helpful guide, but be sure to contact a qualified service professional if you spot anything of concern, or if you have questions.

Gas Fire

  • Glass isn’t broken, cracked or chipped
  • Logs or stones appear to be in place
  • Mesh screen is on unit

Wood Fire

  • Glass isn’t broken, cracked or chipped
  • Door opens and closes smoothly without catching or resistance points
  • Door seals are all in place
  • Fire bricks are in place
  • Baffle is in place
  • Safety guard is in front of unit
Cardinia Large wood heater
Pictured Above: Regency Cardinia Freestanding Wood Fire


2. Clean & Maintain Your Fire Annually

When was the last time you had your fire checked by a qualified professional? It’s important to have your fire inspected and cleaned at least once a year to ensure its safe to use and in good working order. In addition to your fire, the service professional you hire will also inspect your flue. If you’re still not convinced inspection is necessary (it is!), consider that the warranty of your fireplace, and your home insurance, may be contingent upon certain scheduled maintenance. Check your owner’s manual for details. To learn more about fireplace servicing, click here.  

Pictured above: Stovax Cleaning & Maintenance Accessories


3. Keep Safety In Mind 

Have you checked your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector lately? While regular cleaning and maintenance are fundamental to fire safety, it’s also important to ensure your detectors are in good working order. Test your detectors and change the batteries at least once a year.

4. Check Your Fuel

Gas Fire – Concerned about the cost of your gas consumption? If you haven’t done so recently, check your gas usage from last year and then shop around to see what offers are available. This doesn’t take a huge amount of time, but it could save you money when your next bill arrives.
Wood Fire – When selecting firewood it’s best to choose a well-seasoned dense wood. Well-seasoned wood has been split and stored in a dry place for at least 12 months. Wondering what wood is best for your fire? Our blog ‘How to Choose the Best Wood for your Fireplace’, is loaded with helpful information.

5. Start Your Fire

Your fire can’t keep you cozy if you don’t ignite it! Not sure how to start a fire? Use these tips to get started and to optimize the performance of your fire:
Gas - 99% of the time starting your gas fire is as easy as pushing the button on your fire’s remote. But, what if nothing happens after you press the button? Follow the 3 steps listed below;
  1. Check that the batteries in your remote aren’t flat.
  2. Ensure your fire and the remote are connected; our ‘Pairing the FireGenie Remote’  video will take you through a step by step guide to re-pairing.
  3. If your heater still isn’t lighting call a qualified service professional.
Wood – In order for your wood fire to operate effectively and efficiently you need to load and light it correctly. Start by opening your air slide and then place firelighters into the firebox, spaced approximately 10cm apart. Add some kindling on top of the lighters in a crisscross pattern; now you can light the fire! Close the door but do no not latch it yet as this will encourage air flow. Do not leave the fire unattended. After 5-10 minutes add small pieces of hardwood and then latch the door and leave it for 30 minutes. If your unit has a fan fitted, do not turn it on yet. Now you can add the larger pieces of wood, leave for 45 minutes. Finally, lower the air slide and turn the fan on (if fitted).

Now all that’s left to decide is who gets the best spot in front of the fire!


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