Top tips for fireplace renovation

April 10, 2018

Top tips for fireplace renovation

Froze through last winter? Renovating your living room? Or building a new house? Whatever your reasons for needing a new fireplace, we’ve got the low down on how to take your room from stale to stylish.

In addition to providing heat, a fireplace has a big impact on the overall ambiance of a room. Done correctly, a fireplace can transform a blank wall into a stunning focal point. Check out our top tips for fireplace renovation below!

Fuel type
Wood, gas or electric? Working out the benefits of each and what will work best in your home can be confusing. A chat with your local fireplace dealer can help. Your local dealer will ask you questions and give you advice to help you find the best fireplace for your home.

Where will your fire be located in your home? The placement of your fireplace will influence your choice of fire. For example, if you want a TV or mantel above your fireplace there are heat clearances that must be met to ensure safe operation.  Tap into the expertise at your local fireplace store to find out which fireplaces can fulfill your design goals. 

GF900C - Contemporary gas fireplace with crystals
Pictured above: Regency Greenfire GF900C gas fire

Heat output
Do you have a second heating source or will your new fire be your only heat source? Some fires can feel warm when you’re standing right in front of them but don’t have a large enough heat output (BTU’s) to warm a large family room. It’s important to discuss your heating expectations with your local fireplace dealer because they can recommend a fire that meets your needs.

Some fireplaces, like our Montrose wood fire and Regency Greenfire GF1500L gas fire, are so powerful they come with optional heat ducting kits that can distribute warm air through venting into other rooms of your house.
GF1500L Linear gas fire with logs
Pictured above: Regency Greenfire GF1500L gas fire

How much do you want to spend on your fire? Setting a budget will help you narrow down your search. Make sure you consider the cost of materials plus installation.

how to budget for your fireplace renovation

Start planning early
Before starting your renovation, or in the planning stages of your new build, visit a few different fireplace stores in your area to get a feel for what’s available. You can find your closest store by using our dealer locator [insert hyperlink]. Having an idea of what kind of fireplace you want in your home early on will give you time to explore all the installation options available to you. It’s a little easier to make changes to room layouts in the planning stage.

Sharing as much detail as possible about your vision and requirements for your fireplace renovation with your local fireplace dealer will help them recommend the perfect fireplace for your home.

Know your room limitations
There are many different things to consider when installing a fireplace and the best way to find out what’s involved and which fireplaces can work in your space is to speak with your local fireplace dealer/installer. Expect to receive advice on placement options based on such aspects as flueing and distance from gas lines (if you choose a gas heater). Your local fireplace dealer can also advise you on what materials are suitable to use around your fire.

Consider the style you want to achieve. Today, fireplaces come in contemporary, traditional and ultra-modern designs.  There are a number of websites where you can find design inspiration, some great ones to start with are Pinterest and Houzz. Some retailers host installation images on their website to help shoppers with design inspiration. Have you seen our idea gallery yet?

gf1500L see through gas fire Gas Log Fireplace
GFi350L gas inbuilt Gas Inbuilt
fg39 freestanding gas heater Gas Freestanding
Montrose wood fire Wood Fireplace
Bellerieve wood inbuilt Wood Inbuilt
Cardinia wood freestanding heater Wood Freestanding
STV1C Wood fire Stovax Insert
STV2F Freestanding wood heater Stovax Freestanding
GER760V Electric Inbuilt Gazco Electric

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